How long does Impervious last

Impervious is a semi-permanent treatment and can last up to 3 years. Impervious will withstand scratching including using your charger and headphone ports (plugging in and out will not degrade the coating).

Does Impervious affect the charging ports or speaker quality

No, Impervious creates a microscopic protective layer that does not interfere with the electrical components of your device. Charging and listening to music will be the same as it was before applying Impervious. 

Does using Impervious void my device's warranty

Applying Impervious to your device WILL NOT void any warranty. It is similar to a screen protector or smart phone case. 

More About Impervious

Impervious is a superhydrophobic nanotechnology spray designed for protecting mobile electronic devices. The liquid spray is intended to be used on the exterior (screens, ports, speakers) of smartphones and tablets. Its primary function is to protect against liquid spills, splashes and rain.

A unique property of Impervious is that it dries completely transparent. Once applied, it reveals a visible effect in which liquids bead and roll off the treated surface. This is because of its superhydrophobic properties that creates a tiny impermeable surface. Liquids simply do not pass through this microscopic protective barrier.

Liquids are not limited to just water either. We have tested Impervious with other liquids and chemicals such as paint, inks, milk, syrups, motor oil and others that do not pass through or breakdown this protective nano­-barrier.

Impervious was inspired by the use of products like rain-­x which repel liquid and create a visible beading effect.

Impervious is made with a proprietary blend of superhydrophobic chemicals using a solvent process that includes alcohol as a bonding agent. The formula is laboratory tested and reviewed for purity and cleanliness. Filling and packaging is performed under careful review and every batch is tested for contaminants before release.

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